Projects approved for funding for 2014-2015

The following projects have been successful in their applications:

Woodcraft Folk  (Wakiki Venturers group)

Woodcraft Folk Mural: Woodcraft Folk have a long history in Waltham Forest and particularly in the Hoe Street Ward.

The current crop of 13 -15 year olds (Venturers) want to celebrate this history and let the world (well at least Walthamstow) know that Woodcraft exists and continues to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for young people to work collaboratively for the good of their local community.  The young people in the group want to create a mural that celebrates Woodcraft values of co operation and inclusion and the rich and long history of Woodcraft in Waltham Forest.  We propose to work with a professional mural artist to create a mural in Wingfield park.

The content of the mural will be determined by the young people in the group. This will be facilitated by a professional artist supported by parents.  The young people will also make a film to document the process.

Shapeshifter Productions

Smiling Sessions: A participatory programme of music, aiming to improve health and wellbeing of older people living in social housing in sheltered accommodation managed by Ascham Homes, located in and in near proximity of the Hoe street ward, namely Pelly Court, Goddard House, Holmcroft House, Lime Court, Longfield House.

Working in partnership with Ascham Homes Community Development and Participation team, and learning from our previous work and evaluation of past programmes, we will deliver a new series of ten ‘Smiling Sessions’ for benefits of older residents who live independently in sheltered housing but have some support needs. LB Waltham Forest criteria for sheltered housing prioritises older people who are disabled or have long term health problems, who live in unsuitable homes and who are socially isolated.  Engaging older residents, many of whom are at risk of social exclusion appears high on the agenda of Ascham Homes, hence this partnership project.

The Asian Centre Waltham Forest

Village Youth Talent Show – We would like to encourage and empower local young people to showcase their talent through a Youth Talent Show.  The Youth Club has already developed an Organising Committee.  The project will start with meetings as way of engaging young people and identifying a group of committed adults and young people for the project.  It would be delivered over 4 months from April till August 2014, from planning stage to completion.  The Talent Show will encourage members of our Youth Club to take responsibility in organising a community event that encourages local young people to showcase their talents and hence increase their self confidence.  The Talent Show will directly benefit 5 young people and 5 adults who will be very heavily involved in planning and organising the event.  Additionally 12 different Acts (groups or single) who perform at the Talent Show will also benefit.  Furthermore, an audience of 160 people will benefit from entertainment provided by the Talent show. The whole Talent Show will last 2 hours, from 7pm-9pm.

 Waltham Forest CAB

Volunteer Project: The project recruits, trains and supports volunteers so that they can advise and help clients who visit the CAB with their problems, face to face or over the phone.

We aim to actively recruit volunteers who are residents of Waltham Forest and will also target young people to join the training programme.  Six of our current volunteers are 20 – 25 yrs.  The funding will support the project by providing desperately needed computers. This would also represent an on-going investment in the project and help to sustain it.

The project aims to support vulnerable people in the ward as well as the wider borough, whilst at the same time encouraging self-empowerment. It also aims to support young people who live in Waltham Forest with work experience based on structured learning and the opportunity for a reference to new employers from a respected organisation.

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Projects approved for funding for 2013-2014

The following projects have been successful in their applications:

The Asian Centre Waltham Forest & Forest Recycling Project

Project summary: 

The Asian Centre will carry out an intergenerational gardening project that will
involve team work between young people from the Youth Club, youth workers
and members of the Walthamstow Village Residents Association, based in Hoe
Street ward. The project will start with workshops on gardening, as a way of
engaging young people and identifying a group of committed adults and young
people for the project. It will be a great way of bringing two different
generations together to encourage dialogue, share skills and work in harmony.
It will be delivered over 6 months from planning stage to completion. Beyond
the funding, young people will continue to maintain the gardens and be
responsible for their own local environment.

FRP will deliver 1 Give or Take community event in partnership with The Asian Centre and Walthamstow Village Residents Association. This event will incorporate the launch of the intergenerational gardening project and will include a community gardening as well as a re-use theme e.g. ‘donate your surplus gardening tools’, building a bug hotel from re-use materials, and a plant & seed swap.  We will create a mural with local residents, including young people and adults engaged in The Asian Centre’s intergenerational gardening project. The mural will have a community garden focus. FRP will provide 528 litres of reclaimed paint for free to individuals, organisations and businesses in Hoe Street ward who can demonstrate a need for paint, either as a result of lack of financial resources, or where there is an immediate need to improve the amenity of the local area.

Salaam Peace

Project summary: 

The Walthamstow Masaajid Cup – The project will see a 5v5 football and a Hit 4 Six Cricket competition that will bring together children, young people and adults from:

  • Masjid-e-Umar (Queens Rd)
  • Masjid-e- Abu Bakr (Mansfield Rd)
  • Masjid Ghosia (Lea Bridge Rd)

This will be the main target group however in the tradition of Salaam Peace, the event will be open to the wider community. The project will use the sport as an engagement tool and supplement the sports with workshops from the Police, NHS and local councillors.

The winners and best sportsmanship team award winners will take part in the Salaam Peace Eid Cup in September, a National initiative.

E17 Puppet Project

Project summary: 

SHADOWS on MY WINDOW will bring ‘City Read 2013’ themed shadow puppetry performances to familiar surroundings in Hoe Street ward for children and young people to enjoy. We propose to perform 6 shadow puppet shows projecting from windows in accessible venues (to be confirmed)with the aim of providing an opportunity for children, young people and their parents/carers who live in the Hoe Street ward and who would not normally go to the theatre due to poverty or other barriers, to experience the magic and richness of the shadow puppets and take part in City Read 13.

This project counts with the support from Waltham Forest Library Services, a grant from the Arts Council towards the costs of producing the shadow puppet show and the schools that attended our literacy puppet workshops delivered in Walthamstow Central Library in 2012. We will work very closely with existing organisations in Hoe Street like Ask Freda (The Drive Housing Estate), the Drawing shed, the Village Association and Friends of Wingfield Park to maximise use of existing resources and impact amongst Hoe Street communities.

Significant Seams

Project summary: 

Stitching together the seams of the community: Significant Seams operates across multiple wards in E17 with vulnerable members of the community to encourage, integration, identification of self-worth, self-belief and recognition of the valuable contribution that all members can make  to their neighbourhood; with the expectation that some of them will become long term volunteers in our programmes. We operate a stitch and craft library (£2pcm) for which we would seek subsidy for ward residents; operate neighbourly knit and stitch sessions and formal teachings which inform a number of our community projects that are becoming increasingly integrated with Waltham Forest College as part of the wider agenda of increasing the diversity of experience and employability for the younger members of the community. Many of our community projects generate both pure exhibition and functional exhibition pieces which feed into our longer term fund-raising activities.



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Applications Review Meeting Takes Place

A meeting of residents, councillors, Community Engagement and Voluntary Action Waltham Forest was held on 12 February 2013 to discuss the 2013 applications received by the panel.

Details of the projects being funded will be published in March once plans have been agreed.

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Applications for 2013 now closed

The applications process is now closed.  The panel would like to thank everyone who showed an interest and submitted an application.

The panel will be meeting next week to consider applications that have been received and to make decisions on how funding will be allotted.

Organisations who’ve applied for funding will be informed  of decisions made in due course and details of projects funded will be published on this website by the end of  March.

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Applications deadline extended to 8/2/2013

The deadline for applications has now been extended.

Interested organisations need to submit project plans by 12 noon Friday 8 February 2013 to showing what financial support they require to deliver their objectives.

Please access  information about this and the application form here.

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Applications for 2013 projects – Further Guidance

Hoe Street First is still seeking applications for 2013 projects, from not-for-profit organisations based in the ward, for work which will improve the quality of life for residents in 2013/14.  The deadline for applying for this funding is noon Thursday 31 January 2013 (see previous post dated 16/12/12).

Further Guidance for Organisations with Projects already receiving funds

Organisations who received funding for 2012/2013 projects from the first tranche of funding (2011/12) cannot  put in another  application form to receive funding for the same project and  cannot receive continuous funding for the same project.

They can however put in a funding application for a new, different project – organisations can apply once in a financial year, but this has to be for a separate project each time.

The Panel reserves the right to decide whether to fund the same organisation(s) continuously (for different projects) or whether it wishes to support new organisations, who may not have benefited from Community First in previous years.

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Applications for 2013 projects

Hoe Street First is now seeking applications for 2013 projects, from not-for-profit organisations based in the ward, for work which will improve the quality of life for residents in 2013/14.

Interested organisations need to submit project plans by noon Thursday 31 January 2013 to showing what financial support they require to deliver their objectives. Please note there is a total of £8,489 available in 2013/14, with each project not amounting to more than £2,500.

Please access  information about this and the application form here.

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