Projects Approved In 2012

English: Plantation Part of this square has be...

English: Plantation Part of this square has been planted with trees with funding from the Millennium Commission as part of a national tree planting project. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Community Development Foundation (CDF) has informed the Hoe Street First (HSF) Panel that funding for the following five 2012 projects has been approved.

The Drawing Shed’s HSF funding totals £650.  The project will tackle the priority areas of Safer Streets, and community cohesion through “People Like Us events, including a pop-up intergenerational cinema event taking place on The Drive and Attlee Terrace estates. If you would like to find out more about this organisation please visit their web site at


The Friends of the Drive and Attlee Terrace will receive £570 of HSF funding.  The Friends are going to run Creative Community Outdoor Workshops leading to Safer Streets and a Better Environment


The Friends of Wingfield Park HSF funding amounts to £1,400.  That organisation will berunning a project involving the community in planting a sensory environment, once a waste area has been cleared.

Scribble & Smudge is to receive £1,200 of HSF funding to deliver the Lega’say’ project – which is a community voice activity – in which families with children contribute to a short animation on an Olympic Legacy theme.  The project also will build on involvement of the Arts Trail.  Please visit the organisation’s web site  to find out more.

Waltham Forest Asian Mothers Group is receiving £1,000 of HSF funding to organise 15 Youth activity drop-in sessions for young people aged 10-15 years old living in the Hoe Street Ward.  To find out more about the organisation please visit their web site at


The Hoe Street First Panel wishes these projects good luck with their planned activities.  HSF will post details of their progress on this web site in the coming weeks.


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